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Product Design 

Alternative environmental friendly design for Joss paper
One-year degree project for CommDe programme, Chulalongkorn University

© 2015 Paphavee Sakdanaraseth all rights reserved
now patent in pending under Chulalongkorn University Intellectual Property Institute (CUIPI)

Due to the amount and consequence of joss paper on the environment and physical beings,
this project aims to explore and propose an alternative ecological method
that also preserving the core belief and emotional satisfaction of the practice.

Paper offerings, also known as Joss Paper or ghost money,
are sheets of paper or paper-crafts made into burnt offerings to the deceased.
It is common in Chinese practice, to ensure that the spirit of the deceased
has lots of good things in the afterlife.

In the modern world where Joss paper has become industrialised, the manufacture has
introduced chemicals into prints,such as lead, benzine or heavy metal substances
to imitate the characteristic of gold and silver.

This change leads to the risk of health hazard and the contamination
towards the environment. The carbon emission from the combustion
also significantly increased, due to the rising of population growth.

Final design delivered in product design:
a completed package in a box, containing five essential types of Joss paper;
Mantra, Silver, Gold, Clothing and Jewelry.

All new designs are made from 100% post-consumer recycle paper
with FSC certified and printed with organic soy ink,
which are friendly to both human and environment.


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